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When you hear the terms of a nose job or rhinoplasty, you often think back to the movies you’ve seen or maybe even have had a friend that has done it. As you may have noticed, it often looks like a painful procedure that takes quite a bit of downtime following the surgery. In many cases, this is accurate, but with the advancements in cosmetic medicine, there is now more than one option for those looking for a better appearance when it comes to their nose.  Here at Many Faces Of Chicago, we often use PDO threads and fillers to handle many types of nose jobs or nose corrections.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty is gaining popularity across the United States and the world!

Surgical nose jobs are still one of the most popular and requested procedures around the world, but a non-surgical rhinoplasty is an amazing option for those who want to avoid the pain and possible complications of surgery. The liquid nose job procedure or the PDO Threads procedure are highly beneficial due to the fact that the results are visible nearly immediately with no downtime. We are going to cover what exactly a non-surgical nose job is, what you can expect from the recovery process, and what results you can achieve! Are you thinking about improving the appearance of your nose in Chicago, IL or the surrounding area? Keep reading to find out more about non-surgical nose jobs.

What is a Liquid Rhinoplasty or Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

What is a Liquid Rhinoplasty or Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty in Chicago?

A non-surgical nose job is a procedure that is done with Dermal Fillers or PDO Threads. The dermal fillers are injectable solutions that have become quite popular to improve a variety of different areas on the face, including the nose. They are quick, available at a lower cost, effective, and pain-free.

Filler treatments and PDO Threads can also be used to:

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles
  • Plump lips or adjust lips
  • Add contour to areas such as the chin and jawline

Depending on your specific case, if you are living with a nose that diminishes your appearance, fillers or PDO Threads could be the solution to create an effective illusion of a nose job without surgery.

What Can a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Do?

Though it sounds as though it is an alternative solution for a surgical nose job, it is not as simple as that. It is critical to understand that non-surgical rhinoplasty is not for everyone who wants a nose job. Instead, a non-surgical nose job is only an option for people who want to add or adjust their nose in a small way. It may seem as though this procedure is only for people who want a bigger nose, but adding more can actually be a surprisingly effective way of creating an illusion that your nose has a different shape. Unfortunately, for those who want to reduce the size of their nose, this is not an option for you.

How Can Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Improve the Appearance of the Nose?

How Can Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty in Chicago Improve the Appearance of the Nose?

When we mentioned that non-surgical rhinoplasty is adding to the nose, there is a certain amount of specific improvement that this can bring. Those include:

Low Bridge

If you have a low bridge and want to correct it, a non-surgical nose job may just be exactly what you need. A low bridge makes for a non-symmetrical appearance and by adding the filler or PDO thread, the bridge of the nose can actually be raised. Using the specific treatment for creating a higher-looking nose bridge is one of the most common requests for patients.

Nose Bumps

Unfortunately, nose bumps cannot be removed by fillers or threads. Instead, fillers or threads can be added around the bump to give the appearance of a straighter and smoother nose. It will not make the nose look smaller but will improve the contour and profile of the nose.

Dip in the Bridge of the Nose

Dips or divots in the nose are not uncommon and can often be corrected by a non-surgical rhinoplasty in Chicago. Fillers and threads work extremely well for correcting dips, as the main purpose of fillers and threads is to add to the structure of the nose instead of taking anything away.


Irregularities such as the symmetry of the nose can be corrected with a non-surgical rhinoplasty. By adding the filler or thread where the irregularities have occurred, they will create the illusion of a more symmetric and regular nasal structure.

Fixes from a Past Rhinoplasty

Patients often seek the help of the expert team at Many Faces of Chicago because they are not happy with their nose job from a different plastic surgeon. In some cases, our board-certified facial plastic surgeons are able to perform quick fixes and corrections to past nose jobs without the need for surgery.

Which Nose Issues Can Not Be Addressed With Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

What Issues Can Not Be Addressed With Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty in Chicago?

As we mentioned above, non-surgical nose jobs cannot fix every problem that someone may experience with their nose. Though it can be an excellent alternative to more advanced treatment, there are some cases that can only be fixed by surgery. Here are a few examples where nose corrections cannot be done with fillers/threads and non-surgical rhinoplasty.

  1. Large Bump or Hump on the Nose

    These cannot be removed without surgery. Again, fillers and threads add more to the nose instead of taking off irregularities on the nose. Though fillers can make a more flat appearance of the nose by adding the fillers and or PDO threads, removing parts of it needs to be done in surgery. If you want to reduce the size of the nose, then surgery is the best option.

  2. Wide Nostrils

    Do you wish to have a more narrow nose shape and say goodbye to unflattering wide nostrils? Then surgery is the only option.

  3. Drooping nose tip

    A sagging nose can take away from the overall appearance of your face and all of the other beautiful features. Unfortunately, we cannot correct a drooping nose tip, and it must be repaired surgically.

Is a Non- Surgical Nose Job Permanent?

One of the downfalls of non-surgical rhinoplasty is that it is not permanent. But, even though they don’t last forever, they can still last up to a year or longer and a patient can always come in for more fillers or PDO threads in the future. For patients who can have a non-surgical rhinoplasty to fix their nose, the option of no downtime and no surgery often out way the fact that it is not permanent, especially for those who have a busy life and cannot afford to take an extended period of time off of work or other responsibilities.

What Can You Expect Recovery To Be Like After a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

One of the main reasons patients often choose to opt for the non-surgical nose job is the fact that there is almost no need for a recovery period. The only thing we use is local anesthesia to reduce discomfort when the fillers are being injected or the PDO threads are inserted. There is no need for incisions or stitches with non surgical rhinoplasty. Following the treatment, the only evidence that you had any work done is that you may have mild bruising for a few days.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

When all is said and done, a good candidate for a non-surgical nose job is patients who want to correct the appearance of their nose by adding to it with fillers. Things like

  • Filling in a dib
  • Flattening the formation of a bump
  • Creating symmetry
  • Raising a low bridge

During your primary consultation, your experienced facial plastic surgeon at Many Faces of Chicago will assess your situation alongside your treatment goals and recommend whether a non-surgical or surgical rhinoplasty will be more beneficial for you.  In our office, you have both options.

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We pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of treatment options for all of our patients, depending on each of their individual needs and desires. Our team is trained in evaluating and recommending the right course of action for every patient that walks through our doors. Are you curious if you are a candidate for non-surgical rhinoplasty in Chicago? Then contact Many Faces of Chicago today!

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