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The signs of youth and vitality always begin with healthy and glowing skin. But, while the impacts of aging, genetics, and gravity play their effects, finding an answer to reverse the effects of drooping and wrinkling skin becomes a priority for many of our patients. At our facial improvement clinic in Chicago, our team of cosmetic specialists provides an array of options for those who are suffering from these conditions taking away from their ideal appearance.
Dr. Caughlin is known across the United States as one of the best plastic surgeons for skin rejuvenation. He specializes in skin improvement and delivering the latest anti-aging skin care treatments. Learn more about the benefits of PDO Thread Therapy and how it will change your life for the better!

What Are PDO Threads?

This new and innovative therapy is becoming one of the hottest cosmetic treatments for anti-aging procedures. Due to its effective means to lift & tighten sagging skin without surgery, more patients choose this non-invasive procedure. PDO or polydioxanone is a synthetic fiber that has been widely used in various areas of medicine, including cardiology and general surgery. Seeing how useful they are in other areas of medicine where the threads were used for non-cosmetic purposes, medical professionals saw the potential they had in the world of aesthetics.

In plastic surgery, these threads are placed to assist in lifting skin that is sagging while stimulating the natural process of collagen. While skin can lose structure for many different reasons, one of the main causes is the loss of collagen. It’s a normal process of aging, and while it may not affect your overall health, it does lower self-esteem drastically. Other therapies such as fillers temporarily address the issue of saggy skin. Still, through the natural production caused by threads, the body will continue to improve the look of the skin on its own long after the procedure.

However, PDO Threads used by Dr. Caughlin at Many Faces of Chicago don’t stop there! Another incredibly interesting result of these threads is their ability to promote the death of fat cells. Therefore, while your body naturally produces collagen simultaneously, these threads are killing unwanted fat cells and tightening the skin simultaneously.

Avoiding Surgery with PDO Threads Will Save You Time and Money

For years, the only option to improve the aesthetics of someone’s face and/or body was through invasive surgical procedures or through non-invasive treatments that are only temporary. Now, that is no longer the case as patients are presented with the option for PDO Threads. By choosing this treatment, patients avoid:

  • Long recovery times
  • Lost wages due to absence from work
  • Scarring

Those looking to enhance their complexion and have the appearance of their dreams shouldn’t have to be put on hold. By trusting in the board-certified hands of Dr. Caughlin, those who want to reverse the signs of sagging skin and wrinkles can continue with their lives as the treatment continues to improve their condition. If the fear of a surgical procedure keeps you from making the change you need, it no longer has to be. Schedule your primary consultation with the specialists at Many Faces of Chicago today and see if you’re a candidate for PDO Thread Therapy.

Why Do PDO Thread Lifts Stand Out Among Other Facial Contouring Therapies?

Choosing the right procedure to alter your appearance and bring out the appearance that you have desired or once have had is complicated. Therefore, why do PDO Thread Lifts stand out? The answer is quite simple:

  • They provide quick results
  • Offer little to no downtime
  • Last for an extended period of time
  • They have been used in procedures since the 1980s

When patients hear about thread therapies to fix sagging skin and wrinkles, one of the first things that pop into their minds is that threads are inserted and stay there forever. However, with PDO Thread Lifts, that’s not the case. These particular threads are made from a colorless polyester that breaks down inside the body after about six months. While they do lift the skin, there are also two important benefits unlike any other treatment available!

  1. The presence of these threads in your skin triggers the production of collagen. This main structural protein provides your skin with structure, and the production of it slows as we age. The stimulation caused by these sutures allows the body to speed up the process and help in creating a firmer and younger look.
  2. The sutures also break down fat cells and assist in the process of removing unwanted fat from the area being treated.

Q & A: Feel Comfortable in Your Choice of PDO Thread Therapy

At our clinic, each technician answers any questions that our patients have and allows them to feel relaxed while easing their minds on any doubts that they may have. Dr. Caughlin and his staff are dedicated to providing personal care to everyone that visits their clinic. During your first consultation, don’t be afraid to ask any questions or express concerns you may have. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about PDO Thread procedures:

How Long Do PDO Threads Last?

The results from a PDO Thread left will continue to make their effects for a long time as they promote the natural production of collagen, restoring volume to your face. However, the threads remain in place for about 4-6 months; then, they are slowly reabsorbed by the body. Once you have completed the treatment, Dr. Caughlin will recommend a time period for you to come back to continue enjoying the benefits of natural collagen production.

Are There Different Types of PDO Threads?

Depending on the condition and elasticity of your skin, your specialist will determine the right type of suture to correct the issue. These could include:

  • PDO mono threads. Smooth sutures assist in rejuvenating the skin by stimulating the production of collagen.
  • PDO screw threads. These sutures are made up of one of two entangled threads and used to restore volume to parts of the skin that have sunk.
  • PDO cog threads. Sutures with barbs that latch into the skin like tiny hooks to give support and lift parts of the face.

Who’s a Good Candidate for a PDO Thread Lift?

The first step to improving the appearance of your face is determining whether or not this procedure is right for you. The ideal candidate is anyone suffering from mild to moderate skin laxity. The ages of patients range, with the majority being between their 30s and 50’s when the signs of aging are becoming more prominent. Good candidates also:

  • Do not smoke or drink in access
  • Are in relatively good shape
  • Want to avoid the costs of more serious procedures such as a facelift
  • Cannot afford to take time off from work and other daily responsibilities

What Happens During the Thread Lift Procedure?

To start, Dr. Caughlin will numb the area that is being treated. He will then poke the skin with a small needle, and the PDO suture, which is connected to a cannula, is then inserted below the surface of the skin. Then, the cannula is removed, and the PDO thread stays discreetly underneath. Any of the remaining thread outside of the skin is then trimmed off. This unique procedure is quick, well-tolerated, non-surgical, and there is no need for local anesthesia.

What is the Recovery Time?

Are you looking to avoid long and painful recovery times? PDO Threads is your answer, and there is virtually no recovery time needed. There is no huge need for special after-care once you leave the clinic! For two weeks, you may expect mild:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Soreness

It’s recommended that you do not make any exaggerated facial expressions for the first 7-10 days and absolutely no extra therapies such as facials or laser treatments for at least four weeks after your procedure. Dr. Caughlin will provide you with information on the things to avoid during your recovery time, but you should be able to return to daily activities almost immediately.

How Much Does a PDO Thread Lift Cost?

The condition of each patient varies, and so is the pricing of the therapy. The cost of the therapy depends on how many threads are required for the client to achieve the results they desire. However, the cost of the procedure will be the only thing money-wise you will have to think about. The procedure does not require you to take any time off from work. During your consultation, Dr. Caughlin will discuss the price directly with you.

Is a PDO Thread Lift Treatment Safe?

The FDA has approved PDO Thread Lifts for efficiency and safety. Each thread inserted into the face is non-toxic, and the procedure is low-risk. Dr. Caughlin is also board-certified and has years of experience in aesthetic improvement procedures; each one of his patients feels safe with him treating their condition.

Why Choose Our Clinic for PDO Thread Lifts?

Dr. Caughlin is board-certified, a published author, and an award-winning plastic surgeon who has years of experience treating patients across the United States with various body and facial issues. Our entire clinic has been at the forefront of advancements in plastic surgery and body/facial contouring procedures, always providing the best results for each client who chooses us.
Through years of experience contouring the face and reversing the signs of aging, Dr. Caughlin is the #1 plastic surgeon offering PDO Thread Lift Treatment in Chicago. Apart from the friendly service, patients always get the results that they desire. Unlike other clinics, the care doesn’t stop once a patient leaves the clinic. The specialists at Many Faces of Chicago are dedicated to always being available for future, current, and past patients. Our entire team goes the extra mile 24/7, 365 days.

Schedule Your Primary Consultation and Reverse the Signs of Aging with a PDO Thread Lift at Many Faces of Chicago

Don’t allow for sagging skin and the irritating signs of aging to hold you back from achieving the appearance you desire any longer! Contact Dr. Caughlin at Many Faces of Chicago, book your consultation, and discover the advantages of a PDO Thread Lift. What are you waiting for? There’s no better time to improve your complexion than right now. Schedule a virtual or in-person consultation with Dr. Caughlin. See for yourself why patients choose our clinic; get directions here.

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