Facial Sculpting Video Journeys: Out Of Town Patient Experiences

Over the past few years we have had the pleasure of treating a very large number of patients from out of state, as well as out of the country.  

The word is out (TIKTOK, Instagram, YouTube and of course all over Google) about Dr. Caughlin’s face sculpting transformations.  

If you want the procedure done the best way possible, people aren’t willing to gamble with plastic surgeons who aren’t specializing in Dr. Caughlin’s unique and very effective face contouring treatments.

Dr. Caughlin's Message To Patients Considering Traveling to Chicago For Their Face Sculpting Treatments:

What is it like to travel to Chicago to get buccal fat removal, face sculpting or other facial plastic surgery by Dr. Caughlin?

We also have a lot of people who are expressing interest in getting their face sculpting procedures done by Dr. Caughlin, but just aren’t sure of the experience of traveling and doing a medical treatment.   

Below are some of their stories.  We hope this will help you in deciding if you should come here and have facial sculpting, buccal fat removal, or the full Dr. Caughlin “Cheekago” treatment.

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