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Implants and lifts are commonly used to provide permanent solutions for defined neck and chin features. These are alternatives to temporary treatments such as injectable fillers and provide a permanent solution while improving balance and harmony to the neck and face. As the top plastic surgery clinic in Chicago, Dr. Caughlin is an expert in neck and chin augmentation procedures.

The way your chin and neck stand out says a lot about who you are as a person to those who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you. Do you want to stand out at first glance? Well, for those seeking to remedy a recessive chin or an unflattering neckline, our state-of-the-art services are designed to improve your appearance, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident all of the time.

Learn all about our chin and neck augmentation services by contacting Many Faces of Chicago today!

Chin Augmentation & Symmetrical Facial Balancing Procedures in Chicago

Chin Augmentation & Symmetrical Facial Balancing Procedures in ChicagoA small, weak, or receded chin will throw off balance in your face and make the other features appear larger, more pronounced, or out of place more than they actually are. Chin augmentation, also known as chin implant surgery, is a procedure that enhances the overall balance of your facial features by correcting problems that you encounter with your chin. Chin augmentation is performed to:

• Restore balance and symmetry to the face
• Permanently enhance the projection of the chin
• Reduce the distinction of a double chin
• Strengthen the jawline

While women tend to take more interest in facial augmentation procedures, this treatment is also available for men who seek to enhance the chin’s appearance alongside other facial features.

Are you a Candidate for Chin Augmentation in Chicago?

As we mentioned above, cheek augmentation is available for both men and women who were born with a weak chin. It is also available for those who have suffered severe trauma, or the effects of aging have taken their toll. This surgery is for adults who desire a stronger jawline and a balanced facial profile. You are the ideal candidate if you:

• Do not smoke or abuse alcohol or drugs
• Have realistic expectations on the outcome of the procedure
• Are in good overall health
• Can withstand an extensive recovery time

When it comes to your cheek augmentation procedure, Dr. Caughlin is the most trusted plastic surgeon in Chicago. He has years of providing remarkable solutions for patients from all over the country. There is no one you would want more to perform your cheek augmentation procedure than Dr. Caughlin!

Reduce Signs of Aging and Define your Facial Features with Neck Augmentation in Chicago

Many patients think that the face is the first part of the body that shows signs of aging, but it is the neck. One of the parts of the body you would least expect is actually the problem. Because the neck is one of the first areas to start aging, it deeply affects facial features and the overall appearance above the neck. A neck lift is a surgical process to improve the neck by eliminating the presence of jowls, tightening any excess skin, smoothing the platysmal cors, and slimming any fat on the area.

Dr. Caughlin has performed many neck augmentation procedures in Chicago, and patients can have confidence knowing that the results will be incredible. During your first consultation, he will discuss with you all of the things you need to know for surgery preparation and recovery. When you want to reduce the signs of aging, it’s time to take a look at the neck and see if it is the reason for your diminished appearance.

Are you Considering a Neck Lift in Chicago?

neck lift treatment procedures in ChicagoDetermining whether or not it’s time for a neck lift is by consulting a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Caughlin. While there is no unique age to determine when a neck lift is necessary for rejuvenating, like many aesthetic therapies, the sooner, the better. The biological tissues within the neck have more elastin and collagen when you are younger, but if you wait until your 60s or 70s to consider a neck lift, the procedure is significantly more difficult.

The moment you look in the mirror and notice something that you are horrified by, that is the time to pick up the phone and book your preliminary consultation with Many Faces of Chicago. There is no one else than the team at our clinic that truly understands the need for aesthetic changes to boost self-confidence and improve daily life. Early indications of an aging neck can be characterized by:

• Sagging skin below the chin
• Neck laxity
• Jowls

The Best Candidates for a Neck Lift

Best candidates for Neck Lift Procedures in Chicago ILWhen you notice the signs of aging in your neck and your face and want to make a change, you are an ideal candidate for a neck lift in Chicago. The best candidates are in good general health, hold realistic expectations, and are well balanced. At Many Faces of Chicago, we want our patients to:

• Be highly motivated to make the change
• Have the ability to interrupt your daily responsibilities (work, family, sports, studies, etc..)
• Be in the presence of loved ones who can adequately ensure you are safe and healthy during your recovery period.

The only way to find out if you are the ideal candidate for a neck augmentation treatment is if you visit the #1 plastic surgeon in the Chicagoland area. We will thoroughly assess your condition and determine whether a neck lift is a right solution for you.

Non-Surgical Neck and Chin Augmentation Treatments

Chin implants, neck lifts, and the overall idea of surgery may not be what patients are looking for, and that is why we have a solution for everyone. Many people live a busy life both at home and at work, so surgery may not be an option. Luckily, quick, easy, and temporary dermal fillers are ideal for patients who don’t want to go underneath the knife!

Dermal fillers for an aging neck include:

• Botox
• Dysport
• Xeomin

Dermal fillers for a sunken chin include:

• Juvederm
• Radiesse
• Restylane

What Sets Dr. Caughlin and Many Faces of Chicago Apart

As a prominent plastic surgeon across the United States, Dr. Caughlin has always been devoted to the aesthetic world and helping patients achieve their dream appearance. His attention to every little detail ensures that patients get the best results possible and feel entirely comfortable throughout their entire time, from the consultation to the postoperative care. While being situated in Chicago for years, he has a community-focused mind and a genuine passion for helping those living in and around the area with their aesthetics.

Unlike many cosmetic clinics and plastic surgeons in Chicago, Dr. Caughlin and his team take the extra time to ensure that patients are always at home. Making a change to one’s body is never an easy decision, and patients deserve to feel like they are making the best choice. That is why everyone at Many Faces of Chicago always gives the information patients need to make an informed decision and feel great doing it. There is no cosmetic clinic in the area that cares more about their patients achieving desirable results than Many-Faced of Chicago.

Contact Many Faces of Chicago for Neck and Chin Augmentation in Chicago

Your neck and chin are two of the most prominent features of your body; when they are not looking their best, your overall complexion is dramatically affected. While it may seem like you are out of options, with Many Faces of Chicago, you never are. We will help you find the right solution for your condition so that you can start feeling like yourself again, returning to your daily life with more confidence than ever. Today, start your journey to a younger, cleaner appearance with Many Faces of Chicago.

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