Jawline Sculpting & Contouring

Jawline Sculpting & Contouring is a cosmetic procedure that will enhance your facial features alongside defining and sharpening your jawline, cheek, chin and neckline.

At Many Faces of Chicago, we pride ourselves on providing clients with the highest quality and most advanced jawline sculpting treatments currently available.

The facial symmetry, aesthetic appeal, and overall condition of each patient are unique. That is why there are various treatment options available to suit the needs of each patient that we see. Discover all jawline sculpting options available here at Many Faces of Chicago, so you can find the ideal treatment for your needs and goals. From non-invasive options to surgical procedures, our clinic has precisely what you want. So take the first step towards a confident and beautiful jawline today.

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What is Jawline Sculpting & Contouring?

Jawline sculpting or jawline contouring is a cosmetic procedure aiming to enhance the jawline’s appearance by defining and contouring its shape.

Jawline sculpting treatment can involve various non-surgical (non-invasive / minimally-invasive), as well as surgical methods. The primary goal of jawline sculpting at Many Faces of Chicago is to create a more defined, symmetrical, and chiseled jawline. In turn, this will also enhance the face’s overall appearance, making it more youthful and attractive.

These types of facial sculpting treatments are a growing trend in cosmetic enhancement. They are prevalent among patients of all ages, skin tones, and genders in search of a more attractive and refined appearance. Therefore, whether you want to improve facial symmetry or turn back the clock with a new and revitalized look, you can count on the latest and innovative therapy options available at Many Faces of Chicago.

What Are The Best Cosmetic Treatment Options for Jawline Sculpting?

What Are The Best Cosmetic Treatment Options for Jawline Sculpting?

Buccal Fat Removal

For a Redefined Face And Jawline Buccal Fat Removal is a surgical procedure that is one of the leading methods available. Dr. Benjamin Caughlin, also known as “Dr. Buccal Fat,” has revolutionized the treatment and guarantees life-changing results that no other plastic surgeon can offer. This treatment involves the removal of the buccal fat pads in the cheeks. These fat pads often give patients a “chipmunk” appearance on the lower face. Unfortunately, these fat pads cannot be reduced by exercising or dieting. Instead, they need to be removed.

Buccal Fat Removal by Dr. Benjamin Caughlin

By removing these fat pads through incisions made within the mouth, the jawline will appear more sculpted and defined, bringing out the features that have been hidden. In addition, buccal fat removal in Chicago is a permanent solution for jawline sculpting, meaning they cannot grow back following the procedure. Therefore, it is ideal for a patient looking for a more dramatic and long-lasting change. Dr. Caughlin has been coined as one of the best surgeons in the industry due to his unique and specialized approach to the procedure. Click here to learn more about this procedure and why it may be right for you.

What are some alternatives to buccal fat removal for jawline sculpting?

While Dr. Caughlin is the best at buccal fat removal and buccal fat sculpting, he also offers a wide variety of additional treatments for his patients. The condition and situation of each patient’s face is very unique. Therefore, they need various options to ensure the best results.

Some of the leading procedures available for jawline sculpting in Chicago include:

Cheekago (Dr. Caughlin’s custom combo treatment for the perfect jawline)

This treatment has been created and trademarked by Dr. Caughlin and takes jawline sculpting to a whole other level. He combines buccal fat pad sculpting, mucosal tightening, muscle stripping, and micro-focused liposuction. Learn more about Cheekago.


Vaser before and afterVaser uses Vaser liposuction ultrasound technology to selectively target and break down fat cells. It is then combined with Renuvion, also known as J-Plasma, using radiofrequency energy and helium plasma to tighten the skin and improve its overall texture and tone.


A minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to tighten skin and improve its overall texture and tone. During this treatment, a small probe delivers radiofrequency energy to the deep layers of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and leading to firmer and smoother skin. This is generally recommended for older patients who have lost skin elasticity.


The procedure is performed using a small device that delivers energy to the deep layers of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and leading to firmer and smoother skin. In addition to tightening the skin around your jawline, it can also be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face.


This cosmetic therapy also uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen production, leading to firmer, more youthful skin and a more defined jawline. A small device delivers energy deep within the skin surrounding the jawline.

Tailor-made Cosmetic Treatments For All Faces

Each patient’s goals are distinctive to the overall appearance of the face and the reason for wanting to undergo jawline sculpting. This could be due to chubby cheeks hiding the jawline or lack of collagen, leading to drooping and sagging skin around the treatment area, among other reasons. Since each patient has different goals and needs, we at Many Faces of Chicago have tailor-made treatments for all faces.

It all starts with your primary consultation at our clinic. This will allow you to discuss your needs and desires with Dr. Caughlin and his team. Once your goals have been determined, a tailor-made treatment plan will be designed specifically for you. So, to discover what procedure is right for you, schedule your consultation today and begin your journey to feeling comfortable in your skin with a new, sharp, redefined jawline.

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Are you sick of having a weak or hidden jawline? Do you want to define your jawline and enhance other facial features? 

Then jawline sculpting at Many Faces of Chicago is right for you. Don’t hesitate any longer and get the results you have been waiting for. The first step starts by contacting our clinic. Speak with Dr. Caughlin today and discover the right treatment for you.

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