Why has Dr. C developed Inside Out Cheek Sculpting?

Inside Out Cheek Sculpting: I developed this when he had a cancer patient that had to have a skin cancer removed. It is all about volume in the right places. It is a way to further tighten the skin from the inside without a scar. See the attached video clip for the explanation. It is not a facelift and I never want to over promise the results but from a scarless approach it is the best!.   If you bite on you cheeks from the inside. That is the meat I remove. It actually lifts the jowls when you do it.  Do that. let go. Do it again. and now look at your jawline when you do it. Bingo Bango!

Jawline Sculpting

This is essentially extended neck liposuction. I sculpt and remove fat from sternocleidomastoid to sternocleidomastoid under the jawline and even to the side and posterior neck if needed combined with above it really lets the soft tissue wrap and saddle the mandible. 



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