FAQ: How painful is buccal fat removal?

Zero painful. Zero, I promise. No pain.  

The key is, I know where all of the sensory nerves are in the face you can easily block this area with lidocaine so that the patient doesn’t feel any pain at all. We also give a small chill pill and a pain medication so that once the numbing wears off it  is comfortable.

 I have also developed a few mechanisms to speed up recovery which includes specialize intra- oral packing with different solutions on it,  as well as a head wrap I have you wear for 24 hours reduces the swelling pain and risk of infection. The way I sutured it in the incision closed is unique as well with a running lacking suture which is watertight. The material I use for this is absorbable but does last longer than the ones most surgeons use.  This increases the safety and  decreases the risks of infection.  


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