What are PDO Threads? How can threads volumize & sculpt your face? - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

PDO (Polydiaxaone) absorbable threads can add volume and tighten simultaneously. The key is to have peaks and valleys. Peaks and Valleys for Shadows and Curves. We can use PTO threads to help create the peaks, they can also tighten the valleys. This creates appropriate shadows and curves. Facial sculpting takes into account many aspects of the face.

Utilizing volume in the right places and creating concavities in the right places can allow us to really help contour the face. It’s all about volume in the right places when you have volume in the right places, that is how you create curves, that is how you create contour, that is how you sculpt somebody, that is how you create a distinct look. Hot is HOT!

The good and the bad of PDO threads is that they are temporary. Being temporary is a good thing for some people and it’s a bad thing for other people. The key is you can try them, you can play with them almost. If you don’t like it, well at least it goes away. There are many less issues with the threads because of this. Back in the early 2000’s they had some permanent threads. There were many issues with those.  The lifting components of the threads to be honest is short-lived it’s about three months. The volumized portion of the threads should last at least six months. Threads are bio stimulating this means that it helps you create your own collagen they should in theory last forever.

Now,  it doesn’t stop the aging process you continue to get older you’ll lose facial fat you’re lose some facial collagen in the skin will sag so I have an end in that sense it doesn’t last forever and it needs to be repeated but maybe the next time we put it in a different location they will put a little bit higher maybe but a little bit lower, it’s all about volume in the right place it peaks and valleys for shadows and curves. We are really getting some great results with these threads if anything the one complaint is that they are absorbed too quickly but again it depends how many you put where you put them which they do use the thicknesses of them the architectures of them and the locations of the barbs.


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