FAQ: How Do You Treat a Round Face?

How do you treat a round face? I treat the round bace by harnessing peaks and valleys to create shadows and curves. So we can either increase the peak or we can deepen the valley. To increase peaks were typically using implants or fillers. To decrease the valley or deepen the valley we are typically using Buccal Fat pad sculpting or extended neck liposuction. The key here is creating subtle shadows and curves similar to how people use concealer and highlighter. Listen, this is my thing. I thrive on creating peaks and valleys for shadows and curves.


The other way to take a round face into sharper one is  to elongate it. With this we can do often times a small Chin Implant which sounds complicated, but it really is not with minimal downtime and easily removable. It’s about volume in the right places to take a round face and sharpen it. It’s about putting Volume where it counts.

We often are trying to treat the chubby cheeks or the overfill the lower third of the face. We do that by sculpting in specific areas of focal skin tightening. Think taunting the skin as well as removing volume from one area and putting it into another area. Everybody has certain characteristics that we were able to manipulate to create different contours and shapes to assure we are sharpening the best we can. It’s a distinctive look to be sharp sculpted or snatched. There’s actually some pretty good literature that people who feel confident get higher levels in their pay and get a better job. A strong chin is defined in many ways but every single president of United States has had a strong chin.


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