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In the dynamic world of aesthetic enhancement procedures, the “FaceBBL©”, also known as the Face Brazilian Butt Lift, has emerged as an innovative treatment that combines the principles of the Brazilian Butt Lift with advanced facial rejuvenation techniques. Dr. Caughlin’s revolutionary approach is aimed at enhancing facial contours, restoring youthful volume, addressing sagging skin, and redefining facial features. This procedure allows for a more permanent and balanced appearance that other, more traditional treatments cannot achieve.

What is the FaceBBL© Procedure?

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“FaceBBL” is a unique new treatment that takes fat from one part of the face and transfers it to another area. This technique helps create a peak and a small valley in the treatment area. When Dr. Caughlin wants to make a little bit of a valley, he takes fat out, and when he wants to make a peak, he puts excess fat in.

It is extremely similar to the Brazilian Butt Lift, where they take fat from the belly and put it into the buttocks to create a big curve. FaceBBL does the same thing; they take fat from one area of the face and add it to another to create these desirable peaks and valleys. The result is a more sculpted and contoured face. It’s all about taking volume out of one spot and increasing the volume in another.

How Does it Work?

Just like any other cosmetic enhancement procedure, the condition and appearance of each patient’s face are unique. With FaceBBL, each patient receives a different aspect of the procedure. Some patients may need more fat in some areas and less in others. The treatment is completely tailored to each patient’s needs and desires. Here is a step-by-step look at the FaceBBL process:

Virtual or In-Person Consultation

Because the clinic is located in Chicago, many patients have to fly in for their initial consultation. That is why you will have a virtual consultation with Dr. Caughlin to go over some of your needs, your overall health, discuss the procedure, and talk about what you hope to achieve from the treatment.  The virtual consult is $150.  Of course, we also have an in-person consultation.  The in-person consultation is $250.

Travel to the clinic for the fat transfer facesculpting surgery.  Flying in from out of town?

For patients who are flying in, Many Faces of Chicago will pay for you to fly in for your surgery (a $500 voucher for the flight*). You will meet with Dr. Caughlin in person and complete a final formal assessment which will allow Dr. Caughlin to decide exactly what technique to utilize based on analyzing the structure of your face. It will then be decided where he will take the fat out of and where he will put it in.

The Fat Transfer Process

When is time to do the fat transfer Dr. Caughlin will focus on the area he decided was the ideal area to take the fat from from the patient. He does his best to remove the fat from the neck area and/or the buccal fat pads because this allows him to create a nice contour in those areas, defining the cheekbones and the jawline. He can also take fat from other areas of the body such as “love handles,” the thighs, or the area of your stomach just below the belly button.  It’s an excellent combination and overall “fresh look” cosmetic procedure.

He then uses the Dermapose, a syringe-based fat transfer system intended to make small-volume fat transfer quickly and easily. Dr.Caughlin then harvests between 60 ml to 80 ml of the fat, equivalent to approximately half a can of soda. This harvested fat is transferred to the desired treatment area to increase the volume and optimally create a defined peak.

The Recovery

The recovery is generally well tolerated by most patients, and may have mild pain following the treatment. Patients generally look a little weird for about 7 to 10 days. After the procedure, you will have a puffy appearance, but you can do minor things like go out shopping. Generally, during the recovery, anyone who doesn’t know you will not give your face a second look because the puffiness is not horrible; however, coworkers, family, and friends will see a difference for the 7 to 10-day recovery period.

Once the puffy look starts to fade, you can immediately notice the new contours and defined look. The final results take anywhere between 3 to 6 months. It takes this period because once the fat is removed and added to another area of the face, it needs to connect the new tissues and grow over time.

Is the FaceBBL© Fat Transfer Treatment Worth It?

Many patients that Dr. Caughlin and his team have treated with FaceBBL have been amazed by the transformative results that the procedure provides. This technical procedure is something that many people already do with various makeups like highlighters and concealers to create a more contoured look. The benefit of getting this procedure is that the results are permanent. No more spending hours each day to trick yourself and others into thinking that various areas of your face are naturally contoured. Just real, amazing results.


Face BBL Fat Transfer Face Sculpting Before After Photo Woman
Face BBL Fat Transfer Face Sculpting Before After Photo Man


Could You Be a Suitable Candidate for FaceBBL?

Achieving a radiant complexion might be closer than you think! You only need to schedule your initial virtual consultation with Dr. Caughlin. This consultation will help determine whether FaceBBL is the right solution for you. Typically, individuals who are eligible for buccal fat removal:

✓ Are 18 years of age or older
✓ Are in overall good health
✓ Avoid excessive smoking and drinking
✓ Have a soft, rounded facial structure
✓ Experience a lack of facial definition
✓ Hold realistic expectations

Whether you’re a suitable candidate for this advanced procedure starts with scheduling your first appointment at our clinic. Our dedicated professionals will thoroughly assess the treatment area and consider your complete medical history.

What is the Cost of FaceBBL in Chicago?

The cost of FaceBBL ranges from $8,000 – $25,000 in the United States. The reasons for this wide range in pricing is due to a variety of reasons, but the main reason is that the needs and desires of each patient is different. Some patients need less work done, while others require a lot more. Dr. Caughlin will go over the price of the treatment after your consultation, and he has had a chance to thoroughly analyze the areas you want to treat and the amount of work you need to do.

Embark on the Path to a Contoured and Well-Defined Facial Appearance Today

Your face is one of the most prominent features of your entire body. If you are unhappy with your facial appearance, you no longer have to live with lowered self-confidence and self-esteem. Dr. Caughlin is a leading double-certified plastic surgeon who provides incredible results for all his patients. Discover the undeniable benefits of FaceBBL at Many Faces of Chicago and schedule your consultation today.

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