FAQ: Does Buccal Fat Pad Removal Make You Look Older?

Does Buccal Fat Pad Removal Make You Look Older?

The short answer to this question is no. The key here is that this is an aesthetic that some people like and some people don’t. If you like that contour of the lower third of the face this could be the right procedure for you. If you like a more full lower 1/3rd of the face then it may not be the right procedure.

 Secondly, I also tighten the mucosa and muscle and the internal surface of the cheek. I am the only one that does it this way. We have recently published this so it should become widespread soon. This prevents sagging, tightens the Jawline, and maintains the location of the superficial fat pads. All of the facial layers are what determine facial aging. 

The facial anatomy is separated by layers think like a layered cake this most superficial part in what you see is the cream on the top then there’s some chocolate on the undersurface then there’s the batter and then deep to that is ice cream. The Buccal Fat is like the ice cream it’s very deep it allows for a smooth contour while keeping the whip cream looking nice.


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