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At Many Faces of Chicago, we have one thing in mind: ensuring that our patients get the best results. Transformative facial enhancements are more than just cosmetic enhancement treatments; they’re a path toward newfound confidence and beauty. Dr. Caughlin is one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in the United States & internationally. Dr. Buccal Fat is dedicated to providing each one of his patients with exceptional results that not only enhance their appearance but also let them feel comfortable in their own skin.

The Rise of Cosmetic Enhancement Procedures

Before we dive into the various treatments Dr. C and his team here at Many Faces of Chicago offer, let’s take a quick look at the rise of cosmetic enhancement procedures. No matter how we are born, self-love is only achieved by the way we perceive ourselves. Plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancement treatments are on the rise in popularity due to the fact that they allow individuals to achieve harmony in their lives, by defining their desire to look. More individuals are embracing the idea of enhancing their natural features to achieve their desired aesthetic goals confidently.

We understand the importance of safe and effective cosmetic procedures at Many Faces of Chicago. Our mission is to empower individuals to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin without compromising their natural beauty. Dr. Caughlin leads our team with expertise and compassion, ensuring that each patient receives personalized care and achieves stunning results.

Dr. Caughlin’s Top Procedures for Facial Transformation

Dr. Caughlin's Top Procedures for Facial Transformation

Dr. Caughlin offers a range of innovative procedures designed to transform and enhance facial features while maintaining a natural appearance. Let’s explore some of his top treatments:

Buccal Fat Removal at Many Faces of Chicago

Do you suffer from chubby cheeks, often referred to as the “chipmunk appearance?” Have you tried exercise and dieting, but no matter what you do, they don’t go away? Then, you might have enlarged buccal fat pads. Buccal fat pads lay within the cheeks, and unfortunately, no matter the amount of exercise or eating right you do, they will not go away on their own. Luckily, Dr. Caughlin offered a solution: buccal fat removal. Dr. Caughlin, also known as “Dr. Buccal Fat”, is a leader in the industry for Buccal Fat removal procedure.

Buccal fat removal is a minimally invasive procedure aimed at sculpting the cheek area by removing excess fat pads. This technique helps create a more defined and contoured facial structure, restoring harmony to the overall appearance. The procedure entails making small incisions within the mouth to reduce scarring and carefully taking out these unwanted pads of fat. If you are scared of them coming back, don’t. Once they are removed, they cannot come back. The results entail a sculpted jawline and more defined facial features. Learn more about the Buccal Fat Removal Treatment procedure, here

Cheekago: Dr. C’s Signature Treatment Combination

Cheekago is about attaining balance and tailored perfection in the jawline and lower face. It’s a comprehensive approach that considers each patient’s specific needs and characteristics. This groundbreaking technique involves a combination of precise steps, including:

  1. Buccal Fat Pad Sculpting: Cheekago begins with sculpting the buccal fat pads responsible for those who have “chipmunk cheeks.” Dr. C’s approach involves meticulous fat removal and redistribution, ensuring a harmonious and sculpted look.
  2. Mucosal Tightening: The next step is tightening the internal mucosa, a delicate yet crucial component of the lower face. This internal tightening creates an “inside out facelift” effect, addressing concerns like loose skin and contributing to a more sculpted appearance.
  3. Muscle Stripping: Cheekago also involves muscle stripping and electrocautery-induced shrinkage. This technique plays a pivotal role in achieving the desired jawline contour. It’s not just about removing fat; it’s about shaping the underlying muscle structure for optimal results.
  4. Jawline Contouring with Micro-focused Liposuction: The final piece of the Cheekago puzzle is jawline contouring using micro-focused liposuction. This step helps refine the jawline, creating definition and enhancing the overall aesthetics of the lower face.

Pantyhose Brow Lift

The Pantyhose Brow Lift treatment is an innovative procedure that combines two key elements: the Gliding Brow Lift and Pantyhose Utilization. The Gliding Brow Lift is a minimally invasive technique designed to rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of the eyebrows and forehead.

By strategically placing dissolvable threads beneath the skin’s surface, it lifts and supports sagging or drooping brows, resulting in a more youthful and refreshed look. To maintain the position of the lifted brows, pantyhose are utilized, ensuring they stay in place while allowing the skin to contract naturally over time. This unconventional yet highly effective approach provides a delicate lift that can make a significant difference in your appearance.

Jawline Sculpting & Contouring

Dr. Caughlin offers various treatments for jawline sculpting tailored to each patient’s unique needs and goals. These treatments may include Vaser liposuction, ThermiTight, or Morpheus8, depending on skin laxity, fat distribution, and desired outcomes. By refining the contours of the jawline, Dr. Caughlin can create a more defined and youthful facial profile, enhancing your natural beauty with precision and expertise.

Find The Cosmetic Treatment That’s Right For You

Jawline Sculpting & Contouring in Chicago

At Many Faces of Chicago, we are dedicated to helping our patients bring out their best selves. If you lack self-confidence and want to see a change in your facial appearance, contact us to Schedule a consultation. Dr. Caughlin and his team of experts will help you find the right treatment to bring out the results that you desire. What are you waiting for?

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