Do Injectables Ruin Surgical Results

Do Injectables Ruin Surgical Results?

Do Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Injectable Treatments Ruin Surgical Procedure Results?


When considering facial rejuvenation, patients often face a critical decision: non-surgical treatments or surgical procedures like facelifts. The recent video by world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr.Caughlin addresses a common concern sparked by an aggressive article from Allure titledGetting Injectables Now Could Complicate a Facelift Later.” This title alone is enough to instill fear in many who are navigating their aesthetic options. But how much truth is there to this claim? Let’s dive into the discussion and explore the real impact of injectables on surgical outcomes.

Injectables: The Fear-Mongering Myth

(Combining Non-Surgical Facial Treatments with Surgical Facelift Procedures)

Allure’s article draws a startling analogy, comparing the combination of non-surgical treatments and surgical procedures to microwaving crayons, resulting in a “brown mess.” This shocking comparison is something that is misleading and scaring patients away from not only combining non-surgical treatments with a facelift but undergoing non-surgical treatments completely. The article suggests that getting injectables will irreparably damage the results of a future facelift. However, Dr. Caughlin, the top jawline surgeon in the nation, well known for delivering the “greatest jawline results ever” with his non-surgical and surgical facial treatments, his extensive facial contouring experience, and numerous successful cases, tells a different story.

A Patient’s Journey: From Non-Surgical to Surgical

Take, for example, one of Dr. Caughlin’s patients who had undergone various non-surgical treatments before finally opting for a facelift. Despite the Allure article’s warnings, her facelift was a complete success.

“The surgery part was a lot, even though I had quite a few procedures before. But I did those other treatments as an alternative to the facelift because I didn’t want to get one at 45; I wanted to wait until I was a bit older,” she shared.

Her case perfectly illustrates that even after multiple non-surgical treatments, a well-executed facelift can yield outstanding results.

The Benefits of Non-Surgical Treatments

Benefits Of Non Surgical Injectable Treatments

The central question remains: Should patients stay away from non-surgical treatments to preserve the possibility of a future facelift? Dr. Caughlin argues that avoiding non-surgical treatments until you are older is not a practical or necessary approach. Instead, he encourages a balanced strategy where patients can benefit from non-surgical treatments before and even after a facelift to maintain their results and enhance their facial contour.

Non-surgical treatments like Botox, fillers, threads, and lasers offer significant benefits in facial contouring, delaying the need for a facelift. These treatments help in building collagen, tightening the skin, and maintaining a youthful appearance. Dr. Caughlin emphasizes:

“If you can delay your facelift until your 60s or 70s and undergo alternative treatments before, the better it is. The reality of the fact is that facelifts only last about 15 years, even in the best of hands, so if you get them at a younger age, you are going to need quite a few more of them in the future.”

Dr. Caughlin’s Approach to Combining Treatments

During the facelift of the patient mentioned above, Dr. Caughlin found that her tissue was firm and tough due to the collagen built from previous treatments like threads, Sculptra, and Radiesse. This made the procedure smoother and more effective, debunking the myth that non-surgical treatments ruin surgical outcomes.

Dr. Caughlin’s extensive experience with patients who have had various treatments before opting for a facelift demonstrates that prior non-surgical treatments do not complicate surgical procedures. He can tell if a patient has had non-surgical treatments like threads and Morpheus8, but this does not affect his ability to perform a successful facelift. In fact, it’s more common now to encounter patients who have had these treatments than those who haven’t had any at all.

Navigating Facial Rejuvenation Choices

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Patients travel from all over the United States and the world to see Dr. Caughlin because he does not discourage non-surgical treatments. Unlike others who might instill fear, he promotes a realistic and safe approach to facial rejuvenation. This trust in Dr. Caughlin’s expertise highlights the importance of finding a skilled surgeon who understands how to work with previous treatments.

Facial rejuvenation has evolved, and so has the understanding of how surgical and non-surgical treatments can complement each other. Dr. Caughlin’s experience and success stories counter the narrative presented by Allure. He believes that with proper knowledge and techniques, combining treatments is not only possible but also beneficial.

Ensuring Safe and Effective Outcomes

Dr. Caughlin advises patients to be open about their past treatments and to choose their injectors and surgeons wisely. When performed by professionals who know what they are doing, non-surgical treatments are safe and effective. The key is to maintain a transparent relationship with your surgeon and to continue with regular treatments like Botox, fillers, and threads, ensuring that your aesthetic goals are met without compromising future surgical options.

While articles like Allure’s may push for a one-sided approach, the reality is more subtle. Non-surgical treatments do not ruin surgical results when managed correctly by a skilled professional like Dr. Caughlin. Instead, they can enhance the overall outcome and delay the need for more invasive procedures. Patients should feel empowered to explore their options without fear, knowing that with the right care and expertise, their aesthetic journey can be both safe and effective.

The Role of Expert Care in Achieving Optimal Results

One of the key factors in achieving optimal results with both non-surgical and surgical treatments is the expertise of the provider. Dr. Caughlin emphasizes the importance of choosing experienced and knowledgeable professionals for both types of treatments. This ensures that the treatments complement each other and lead to the best possible outcomes.

Dr. Caughlin’s approach involves a thorough analysis of each patient’s treatment history. He takes the time to evaluate the effects of previous treatments and how they can be integrated into the surgical plan. This personalized approach is crucial for achieving results that look natural and harmonious.

Encouraging Open Communication and Trust

Open communication between the patient and the surgeon is essential. Dr. Caughlin encourages patients to share their full treatment history, including any non-surgical procedures they have undergone. This information helps him create a comprehensive plan that takes into account the benefits and potential challenges of previous treatments.

Trust is another critical component. Patients need to feel confident in their surgeon’s ability to manage both non-surgical and surgical treatments effectively. Dr. Caughlin’s reputation and track record provide this assurance, allowing patients to proceed with their treatments without fear.

The Future of Facial Rejuvenation

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As the field of facial rejuvenation continues to evolve, the integration of non-surgical and surgical treatments will become increasingly common. Patients should feel empowered to explore all available options to achieve their aesthetic goals. With the right expertise and approach, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of both non-surgical treatments and surgical procedures without compromising results.

Dr. Caughlin’s message is clear: non-surgical treatments are not something to fear. When performed by skilled professionals and integrated into a comprehensive treatment plan, they can enhance and prolong the results of surgical procedures. Patients should feel confident in their choices and trust in the expertise of their providers.

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