Innovative Facial Sculpting Facelift Threading Techniques to Lift Sagging Skin & Produce Collagen

Many Faces of Chicago – Facial Sculpting Thread Lift Treatment Procedures

(Lifts Sagging Skin & Produces Collagen)

Facial Sculpting and Facelifts using threads are some of the most popular and effective non-surgical ways to lift & tighten sagging skin tissue in the face. Not only does this procedure tighten loose skin, but it also dissolves small areas of fat in the face. The threads help improve aesthetics by lifting any sagging skin while at the same time stimulating the production of collagen, naturally not through chemicals. This procedure also induces the death of fat cells (lipolysis). That means that while loose skin is tightened, the process also eliminates stubborn fat that doesn’t seem to go away through other treatments. Are you ready to see how our innovative Facial Sculpting, Thread Lifts in Chicago, can change your life forever?

The Thread Lift Procedure – Facelift Chicago

Facial Thread Lift Cosmetic Procedures in Chicago

Using threads to sculpt the face giving it a younger and natural look is a minimally invasive procedure performed using a local anesthetic. This particular procedure is designed to lift and tighten lax skin located in the brow, face, and neck area without using surgery. This means it

  • Is less invasive
  • Is less risky
  • Requires less downtime
  • Provides quicker results

That is what makes facial sculpting and facelifts using threads in Chicago increasingly popular among those suffering from loose and sagging skin, “Thread” techniques have been desirable in Europe for the past decade. They are on the rise as a favorite treatment throughout the world for their aesthetic effects and the minimal recovery time needed.

Dr. Buccal Fat: Why Choose Thread Lifts For Facial Sculpting in Chicago?

Many less invasive facial sculpting treatments are currently becoming the number one option for those wanting to make a significant change to their appearance. Why? Because of the amount of time it takes to see results without extended recovery times. What if we told you that you could be in and out the same day, continuing with your daily activities?

The thread lift facelift Chicago is one of the newest non-surgical alternatives to a facelift that heightens confidence in patients and has them in and out the door with the appearance that they fall in love with Facelift threads in Chicago allow the structure of the face to be lifted better than other facial sculpting methods. The thread lift procedure (facelift Chicago) uses non-surgical threads that have been used for decades in surgeries such as abdominal, cardiac, and plastic. This gives the confidence patients need to see results using the best and only the best techniques.

Thread Lifts explained by Dr. Dayan & Dr. Caughlin in Video


Facial Sculpting Thread Lift Treatments – Before & After


Facial sculpting using threads works by having tiny threads inserted under the skin. This technique is entirely painless, and the threads are similar to those used to support the structures deep in the face during real surgical facelifts. While under a local anesthetic, threads are passed through droopy skin using a special needle to guide the thread. The threads grab onto the soft tissue being corrected, lifting and tightening the loose skin.

Chicago Facial Thread Lift Treatments - Before & After


This facial threading procedure is done without:
  • General anesthesia (you will be awake during the treatment)
  • Knifes
  • Scaring
  • Extended recovery times

Initially, your doctor at Many Faces of Chicago will lead a consultation where tests will be done to determine whether or not the non-surgical facelift option is suitable for the patient. During the procedure, the area of the skin that is being corrected will be numbed. The threads will be inserted carefully and precisely using a needle. No cuts or incisions will be made, and there is no risk of scarring. Once the threads are inserted, the lifting effect can be immediately noticed. Though you can see an impressive improvement right away, like all facial sculpting and facelift procedures, the total effect takes a bit of time to come into effect.

Younger and older patients are opting more and more for facelifts and facial sculpting using threads in Chicago. This significant growth and shift in cosmetic surgery patients opting for this procedure give more people the confidence they need to choose facelifts using threads.

What To Expect From Facial Sculpting Using our Unique Threading Method

Many Faces of Chicago Thread Lift - Facial Contouring Facelifts

This procedure is entirely painless and extremely safe. Depending on the exact areas that are being treated, you may experience minimal bruising and or swelling within the first seven days. After your treatment, it is recommended that you go home and relax for the rest of the day, but it is not necessary. You can return to your daily activities as long as they are not too strenuous. The threads that were inserted stay within the face structure like sutures, and they adapt well with the body. The threads are complete:

  • Removable
  • Reliable
  • Reversible

So at any point, if your body does not react with the threads or you do not see the results that you hoped for, the threads can be removed immediately. Learn more about how these threads will give you results and come into Many Faces Of Chicago today for a consultation.

When Can I Expect to See Results From Thread Lift Facial Sculpting Treatments?

Due to the fact that threads are being placed within the skin and physically lifting up facial features and tightening droopy skin, the effect is seen almost immediately. As an added bonus, the appearance only gets better. That is because these threads also stimulate the natural production of collagen. Collagen provides stability and firmness to the skin and structure of the face, creating a healthier, more youthful look.

90% of patients report satisfying results that change their daily lives and the way that they see themselves. Facial sculpting using threads can last anywhere between 3 to 5 years and can be repeated once the threads need to be removed and replaced. This technique can be combined with other facial sculpting and face lifting techniques. Ask your cosmetic specialist for additional procedures that can compliment facelifts using threads in Chicago.

The Truth About Facial Threading – Recuperation and Healing

As we mentioned above, this procedure is extremely safe and does not require extensive downtime for healing, but there are a few things to consider. Each patient reacts to the process differently; sometimes, people experience mild to moderate swelling and bruising and may want to take some time off of work and normal activities until it goes away.

Usually, makeup can be applied, and then return to work is possible the day after the procedure. It is up to the patient ultimately, but extended recovery is not necessary. In general, the skin on your face will feel a bit tender and swollen for anywhere up to 3 days after the procedure. The results of this procedure can last up to 5 years and be repeated.

Facial Sculpting & Mini Facelift Treatments – Areas of the Face Treated with Threads

Many Faces of Chicago - Facial Thread Lift Treatment Procedures

This particular procedure can help with a variety of different areas, improving both the structure of the face and its aesthetic appearance:

  • Nose thread lift: Have you been thinking about wanting to get a nose job but don’t want to go through the painful recovery? Well, a nose thread lift is an answer. The bridge and the tip of your nose will be lifted, improving its appearance.
  • Forehead/brow thread lift: During this procedure, the sagging skin of the forehead will be lifted, creating a tighter look in the forehead and a replenished look in the eyebrows.
  • Wrinkles: Threaded facial lifting for wrinkles improves the production of collagen and banished wrinkles away from your beautiful complexion.
  • Cheek thread lift: It is no secret that as we age, the skin around the cheeks tends to sag. a thread lift will add volume to the area and reverse the aging process. This will provide structure to the cheeks and create a healthier appearance.
  • Jowl thread lift: Jowls are extremely unappealing and should be treated right away. Improve the laxity of the skin with a jowl thread lift and completely get rid of drooping skin.
  • Chin thread lift: The skin on your chin and neck is lifted, improving the amount of loose skin that is present.
  • Thread lift for acne scars: That’s right, even a thread lift can get rid of those ugly acne scars that you have been dreading for years. As the skin is stretched and lifted, the acne scars will disappear!
  • Jaw thread lift: The loose skin around your jaw is elevated and then repositioned. This will give your jaw a more attractive and defined look.

Common Questions Asked About Chicago Facial Sculpting and Facelifts Using Threads

Who is the right candidate for facial thread lift procedures?

Essentially, if you suffer from unattractive droopy skin and poor structure in the face, you are a candidate for this procedure. Thread lifts are best suited for both men and women that are between the ages of 35 and 75. The thread lift procedure is highly effective for those who have sagging skin in the cheeks, jowls, brows, and neck area. If you are in search of face contouring procedures in Chicago that last longer than fillers such as botox, thread lifts are the ideal choice. Also, if you do not like the idea of intense facial sculpting surgeries, where harsh and extended recovery times are possible, then this minimally invasive treatment is the best option.

How long does a thread lift take, and is it dangerous?

Dr. Caughlin and the entire Many Faces of Chicago team have years of experience in the cosmetic surgery field. With their levels of expertise, the procedure should take no longer than 60 minutes and is entirely safe. Throughout the entire process, Dr.Caughlin will ensure that you are entirely comfortable and relaxed, always available to answer any questions or concerns.

What are the advantages of cosmetic thread lift procedures for facial contouring and face sculpting?

The main advantage of a thread lift is its minimal recovery time and quick results. Other advantages are:

  • The procedure uses fine needles to insert the threads, which reduces the risk of scarring that other facial sculpting procedures hold.
  • A local anesthetic is all that is needed for the process, so you will feel no pain, and extended time in the clinic is not necessary.
  • The price of thread lifts is easier on the wallet as opposed to other facelift and facial sculpting procedures.
  • You receive results that you will fall in love with right away, and over time, as the collagen is naturally produced within the face, your appearance will only keep getting better.

Choose Many Faces of Chicago for Facelifts and Facial Sculpting Treatments in Chicago

Dr. Caughlin uses modern facelift techniques that are tailored to each individual patient. He recognizes that no two patients are the same; they all need a different level of care and attention and unique concerns towards the procedures and the results that they get. As one of the most sought out and best plastic surgeons in Chicago and the Chicagoland area, Dr. Caughlin is the number one go-to choice for facelift procedures in Chicago. His surgical experience, unique attention to detail, and passion for facial aesthetics enable him to create youthful, healthy and rejuvenated appearances without changing the features that make each patient who they are.

No facelift technique is appropriate for everyone, and that is why you need a certified plastic surgeon in Chicago to help determine the best course of action for your facelift—using a targeted approach, Dr. Caughlin creates a plan that is designed to the needs and wants of the patient, using the safest most effective method for the individual. Book your consultation today and see for yourself why you need Dr.Caughlin when it comes to any facelift procedure in Chicago.

Many Faces Of Chicago – Specialized Thread Lifts for Facial Contouring

Are you ready to create a more youthful and healthier appearance for your face? Do you want to be more confident with your friends, family, and within the workplace? Don’t let saggy and loose skin hold you back any longer, discover the benefits of facial sculpting & contouring, thread lifts in Chicago today by contacting Many Faces of Chicago, to book your consultation today and get started on a tighter & brighter future you.

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