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Two often overlooked features with facial contouring include the chin and neck area.  If the jawline isn’t defined, and the skin on your neck is sagging the chin and neck areas are areas of the face that take away from your overall appearance. Improving these spots not only enhances your complexion but allows for a more youthful appearance. Unfortunately, while there are ways to improve sagging skin and fatty areas on the chin and neck, like diet changes and vigorous exercise, there are certain areas of the body that don’t always respond to these remedies.

Due to genetic factors and signs of aging, the neck and chin are two areas on and around the face that often develop excess fat. Neck and chin liposuction from a leading beauty enhancement clinic like Many Faces of Chicago is extremely effective, enhances facial features, and removes fat from problem areas. In addition, these therapies provide a long-term solution that dermal fillers and other treatments cannot achieve.

Neck & Chin Lipo Combo Treatments for the "Snatched" Jawline Look

Many Faces of Chicago - Neck and Chin Liposuction Treatments

When to Consider Chin & Neck Lipo Procedures

Chicago Chin & Neck Lipo Procedures with Dr. Caughlin

When you’ve realized that your neck and chin are the culprits of a diminished appearance, you could to consider the option of therapies that will help you regain confidence and self-esteem. Your first step towards a defined chin, jaw and neck features starts with a private consultation with one of the United States’ most respected facial plastic surgeons at Many Faces of Chicago. Signs that you need chin and neck liposuction include:

• Stubborn fatty tissue that won’t go away on its no matter how hard you try
• Wanting a younger complexion with a restored jawline
• You have a rounded or chubby look under your neck and chin.
• Your chin profile is weak.
• Your neck angle is lost.

Liposculpting – A Unique Approach to Chin & Neck Liposuction at Many Faces of Chicago

Chin & Neck Liposuction at Many Faces of Chicago - LiposculptingOther competing cosmetic clinics perform neck and chin liposuction using an old and outdated technique. This method includes a small incision underneath the chin and liposculpting. At Many Faces of Chicago, we take a more advanced approach for ultimate results that are never achieved by other plastic surgeons and clinics. Dr. Caughlin elevates the skin flap starting right underneath the ear, crossing over at the bottom of the neck and up to underneath the other ear. After elevating the skin flap, he then liposculpts the area, contouring the chin, jawline, and neck.

Dr. Caughlin doesn’t need to remove much fat throughout this innovative process. Like sculpting an ice sculpture when applying heat to it, the more friction applied to the fatty areas allows ease to mold the fat layer to and around the jawline. As Dr. Caughlin explains, it’s always about adding volume to the right places and creating peaks and valleys that develop shadows, curves, and definition. Through this therapy, you get a:

• Peak around the jawline and a shadow underneath it
• Peak around the sternocleidomastoid (a pair of long muscles that connect the sternum, clavicle, and mastoid process of the temporal bone)
• Peak at the chin and the thyroid cartilage

This technique utilizes fat redistribution to contour all of the different layers on and around the chin and neck. Through this therapy, Dr. Caughlin has become one of the best chin and neck liposuction specialists in Chicago and the entire country. Don’t settle for basic treatments from other cosmetic clinics and get advanced results at Many Faces of Chicago.

Ideal Neck, Chin & Jawline Liposuction Candidates for a Slimmer and Younger Look

Chicago Neck, Chin & Jawline Liposuction ClincAn ideal candidate for neck and chin liposuction is both men and women who still have retained skin elasticity and are concerned about fat that lays underneath the neck and chin. Patients must also be in good health and are considered viable candidates if they do not smoke or drink in excess. When the elasticity of the skin around the chin and neck is depleted, neck and chin liposuction may not be an option. Instead, your specialist may recommend a neck lift procedure. Make an appointment with Dr. Caughlin, and he will carefully examine your condition and advise you on the appropriate actions to take for the best results.

Your Neck & Chin Liposuction Consultation at Many Faces of Chicago

Your primary consultation is the most crucial part of the process as it gives you a chance to get to know Dr. Caughlin, ask any questions, and express concerns that you might have. He will also go over the benefits and side effects of the procedure. Dr. Caughlin will carefully examine the areas that you want to contour while taking into account different factors such as the elasticity of the skin. Once you are determined to be a candidate for neck and chin liposuction, Dr. Caughlin will discuss the entire procedure and expect following the treatment planning.

Most Advanced Cheek Fat Removal + 

Chin & Neck Liposuction Combo Treatments

Chicago Jawline Cheek Fat Removal - Chin & Neck Liposuction Combo TreatmentsBuccal Fat Removal by Dr. Buccal Fat himself is an accompanying treatment solution, that can be done to enhance the jawline, chin, and neck. Buccal fat pads cannot be reduced by diet and exercise and need to be removed through surgery. While a rounded-out face may go away in patients in their late 20’s, it’s often caused by heredity issues. Candidates for chin and neck liposuction alongside buccal fat removal are often characterized for having chipmunk cheeks. The cheeks will slim down and contour the face by removing these fat pads. Talk with Dr. Caughlin about the possibility of buccal fat removal during your consultation

Contact Many Faces of Chicago for Neck & Chin Lipo Sculpting Treatments

Dr. Caughlin, Many Faces of Chicago - Neck & Chin Lipo Sculpting

Achieve a More Defined Chin, Neck & Jawline

Chin and neck liposuction are therapies that promote prominent facial features and are long-lasting. By redistributing and molding fat underneath the skin, you can achieve a complexion that you have always dreamt of. A new and improved you is within reach with Dr. Caughlin and his years of experience promoting desirable results. Contact our trusted clinic today when you are ready to experience the amazing impacts of neck and chin liposuction. You can book your primary consultation online or visit our clinic today – get directions here.

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