Transformational Lip Augmentation Treatments & Lip Lift Procedures in Chicago

(Achieve Fuller Lips With a Youthful Appearance that Stands the Test of Time)

Are you dreaming of having plumper lips? Do you want the kind of lips that will make you stand out above the rest? If you said yes, then you are the ideal candidate for a lip lift or lip augmentation in Chicago, IL. Today, those looking to make their facial features ‘pop’ – have more than one option. With surgical procedures like lip lifts or temporary solutions such as lip augmentations, new and exciting Lip Augmentation therapies in Chicago.

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What is Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation?

Full, luscious lips signify youthfulness and are desired by celebrities and everyday women alike. Unfortunately, like many other areas of the face, the lips begin to lose volume as we age, growing weak and dull. A once beautiful smile can be broken by lips that have lost their sharpness, causing a patient to feel self-conscious.

Lip augmentation is a non-surgical approach to a Chicago lip lift facilitated by injectable dermal fillers like Juvederm. Although they do not offer permanent results, lip fillers tend to cause less swelling or bruising while also being an alternative to the long recovery times that surgical procedures have. During the treatment, patients are given local anesthesia, after which the cosmetic specialist carefully marks the injection sights.

Lip Lift Procedures – Explained

A Lip Lift is a surgical procedure that improves the height of the lip to create an improved and fuller appearance. During your Lip Lift, your cosmetic specialist will shorten the area between your top lip and the nose. Tissue is removed to make this lift look more natural, giving you the luscious lips that you’ve always wanted. A Lip Lift will also create a more defined lip border. Various types of lifted lips can be done to turn the corners of the lips upward, creating a small smile. When it comes to your lip lift, your specialist at Many Faces of Chicago will determine the best course of action to ensure that you love the results.

Depending on how plump you want your lips and the volume you desire, your cosmetic treatment specialist in Chicago will inject the proper amount of fillers to achieve the ultimate results. The injections are painless and provide the ultimate solution for those who want a treatment that allows them to be in and out of the clinic and continue on with their daily lives. The entire treatment is done directly in the clinic, with no downtime needed.

Treatments in Chicago to Achieve Fuller Lips

Lip injections and lip lifts are popular treatment procedures for anyone suffering from weakening lips that are beginning to lose their volume and show vertical lines around the mouth. In general, patients undergoing any cosmetic treatment should be in good health, both physically and emotionally. In addition, they should have realistic expectations for their outcome, based on a private consultation with Dr. Caughlin in the comfort of his Chicago Clinic. During your initial visit, Dr. Caughlin will examine your lips and work personally with you to choose the best approach for your needs and unique condition.

Lip Lifts in Chicago – Add Lip Volume & Fullness

The lips are impacted by many circumstances that can divert from the beauty of the mouth. Drooping lips create a sad or upset expression on the face, even when you feel happy. Age and genetics impact the shape and fullness as well. When you have lips that do not have the appearance you desire, lip lifts provide the treatment solution for those looking to add more volume and youthfulness into their lives.

Chicago lip lift expert Dr. Caughlin, renowned lip lift cosmetic surgeon, provides many procedures to lift or change the shape of the lips and give balance to your facial features. Every patient is unique and has their own preferences. We work directly with you to understand your goals so that we can design the ideal custom treatment plan.

Lip Augmentation & Enhancement Treatments in Chicago

Lip Augmentation is where lips increase in size to give the overall impression of fuller, plumper, and luscious lips. Lip augmentation in Chicago has been an increasingly popular procedure for anyone experiencing thin lips and is losing volume. These treatments cover a broad spectrum of different techniques and can help improve several aspects of the lips. 

Best Candidates for Lip Fillers and Lip Lift Augmentation

Best Candidates for Lip Fillers and Lip Lift Augmentation

The best candidate for lip fillers is someone who wants to enhance or rejuvenate the mouth area. Many want luscious lips to improve their own natural features. While women have traditionally asked for lip fillers and lip lifts, men now are becoming more interested in the procedure. When it comes to having more profound lips, the experts at Many Faces of Chicago will provide you with the solution that you need. As the #1 cosmetic specialist in the greater Chicagoland area, we will work personally with you so that you can achieve your ultimate goal: a better, more rejuvenated appearance.

Top Benefits of Transformation Lip Augmentation in Chicago

The dermal fillers which are used for the lip augmentation treatment offer a variety of different benefits and positive results for patients, such as:

  • Best Candidates for Lip Fillers and Lip Lift Augmentation TherapyNatural and fuller lips

  • Defined shape

  • Improved appearance

  • Zero recovery time

With the new arrival of innovative treatments, patients no longer have to go under the knife to achieve their desired results. At Many Faces of Chicago, we listen to the wants and needs of our patients. Our main goal is that each patient leaves happier than ever with a look that they love. When it comes to achieving fuller lips, don’t look anywhere else than Many Faces of Chicago.

Are Lip Lift Procedures Painful?

Lip lifts are a surgical procedure; while the treatment may not hurt, they do require recovery time. During the recovery, you will feel some discomfort as the lips heal and take their new and improved form.

Contact Many Faces of Chicago to Discuss Your Lip Augmentation Treatment Plan in Chicago

Your lips play an essential role in your overall appearance. Whether it be to boost your self-confidence or just to look your best, Many Faces of Chicago will redefine your lips and leave you feeling and looking better than ever. Contact Many Faces of Chicago for fuller, more youthful lips today.

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