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While features such as the eyes, nose, and lips are mainly considered the primary contributors to a glowing complexion, the jawline is just as if not more important. The way it’s shaped and defined enhances these other significant features. Whether it’s due to genetics or age, a hidden or diminished jawline drastically impacts self-confidence and how others see you.

The majority of people in the United States and worldwide are not born with a “perfect jawline,” advancements in cosmetic therapies have made a defined and prominent jawline available for those who want to improve their appearance. New and innovative procedures at Many Faces of Chicago allow patients to achieve permanent results that they have always dreamt of. Improve the aesthetic structure of your face today with jawline sculpting at the #1 cosmetic improvement clinic in Chicago and the United States. Book your introductory consultation today.

What is Jawline Sculpting and How Will it Improve Your Appearance?

What is Jawline Sculpting and Facial Contouring in Chicago?Patients suffering from a hidden or droopy jawline are usually caused by the adverse effects of age or genetic disposition to aesthetic issues with their jawline. The first step towards improving your jawline starts with a one-on-one consultation with Chicago’s #1 plastic surgeon Dr. Caughlin. During your consultation will evaluate the condition of your jaw and determine the best therapy to improve your complexion. Dr. Caughlin provides a variety of leading techniques that allow patients to achieve the desired results and keep them for a long time.

While patients often look for the quickest and easiest option, they are not always the best choice for ultimate results. Fillers have become a popular choice for patients, but they will create temporary effects that may lead to a “pillow” face when not done correctly. Dr. Caughlin is a board-certified and renowned facial plastic surgeon who performs a wide range of jawline sculpting procedures, including fat removal, liposuction, and a combination of different techniques.


Neck Liposuction for a More Defined Jawline

Dr. Caughlin at Many Faces of Chicago takes a unique approach to jawline sculpting by using neck liposuction to suck in the skin to define the jaw. During this therapy, incisions are made along the side of the neck or underneath the chin. After these incisions are made, the skin is raised up and then released to allow the skin to tighten around the jawline. Through this procedure, the jaw is more defined while the neck is also contoured to provide a slimmer look.

Placing Rigid Threads for Precise Jawline Enhancing Results

Jawline Contouring Plastic Surgeon in Chicago for Placing Rigid Threads for Jawline Enhancing ResultsWhether your goal is to prevent or reverse the signs of aging or want to tighten and lift the skin around the chin, the placement of rigid threads is one of the leading solutions provided at Many Faces of Chicago. This procedure is a fantastic therapy for those suffering from signs of aging. As we get older, it is common for the body to lose collagen and the elasticity of the skin, which results in loose and sagging skin. Not only age is a factor, so is:

• Genetics
• Environmental damages
• Nutrition
• Personal habits

A thread procedure at Many Faces of Chicago will assist you in achieving a natural-looking, cleaner, and defining appearance with advanced rejuvenation. Unlike other jaw sculpting treatments, these threads don’t lift the jaw, but it makes beneficial changes to the overall structure. The threads create a peak, and surgery creates the valley under the jawline. This therapy is almost immediate and promotes the natural production of collagen even after your procedure is over. While threads for jaw contouring by Dr. Caughlin do a fantastic job on their own, they can also be combined with other treatments such as dermal fillers, liposuction, neurotoxins, and continuous skin care. Reverse the signs of aging and consider asking your Many Faces of Chicago specialist about the benefits of rigid threads.

A Combination of Leading Jawline Contouring Therapies at Only at Many Faces of Chicago

Combination of Leading Jawline Contouring Therapies at Many Faces of Chicago

An impressive array of cosmetic treatment services and facial procedures provided at Many Faces of Chicago do wonders on their own, but by safely combining some of them, the results are astonishing. Dr. Caughlin and the fantastic staff at our leading cosmetic clinic stand out above other cosmetic centers by combining a variety of fillers, jawline sculpting techniques, and buccal fat therapies.

Dr. Caughlin, also known as “Dr. Buccal Fat,” uses the fantastic technique to enhance facial features and define the jaw. Buccal fat pads are fatty tissue that lies deep within the cheek. People who have substantial buccal fat pads suffer from a rounded face, and the only way to reduce them is by removing them surgically. Eliminating these pads and using other techniques like dermal fillers, the “chubby look” is diminished, and a solid and sharp jawline appears.

Jawline Treatment Procedure Solutions, Exclusively  Provided at Many Faces of Chicago

Facial Jawline Treatment Procedure Only Offered at Many Faces of ChicagoDr. Caughlin is devoted to providing each patient plenty of options that get results for their condition. Many Faces of Chicago offers its patients a procedure that no other clinic in the entire world provides. This safe, researched, and studied approach has proven to safely restore a patient’s jawline in a revolutionary way. While sculpting the inside of the cheek and removing mucosa, and stripping buccinator muscle, the jawline becomes more prominent, with results that cannot be achieved through any other treatment.

What to Expect from Jawline Contouring & Facial Sculpting at Many Faces of Chicago

Once Dr.Caughlin has approved you for jawline sculpting, he will discuss the different treatments available and assist you in choosing the one that fits your life and schedule while providing you with outstanding results. After taking into consideration your budget and goals, you will undergo your desired therapy. From consultation to aftercare, the cosmetic improvement specialists at Many Faces of Chicago are always available to answer any questions and concerns for you to feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

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Your jawline amplifies other features on your face, and by undergoing one of the leading therapies at Many Faces of Chicago, you will define and sharpen your jaw with practiced and certified hands. Don’t let a droopy or hidden jawline take away from your gorgeous complexion, trust in the beauty technicians at Many Faces of Chicago! Book your primary consultation online or visit our clinic today – get directions here.

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