Buccal Fat Removal in Chicago vs. Buccal Fat Sculpting

Buccal Fat Removal vs. Buccal Fat Sculpting

Thin cheeks and well-defined cheekbones are something that many patients across America desire; however, it seems to be a fairytale for most. No matter what they do, with tiring exercise routines and intense dietary restrictions, they never seem happy about the results. One of the things that many patients don’t know is that it may not be their fault! When it comes to the aesthetics of a patient’s face, they are usually willing to do anything to achieve the defined and youthful look they have always dreamed of.

Unfortunately, for many patients, no matter what they do, chubby cheeks are something that they just can’t seem to shake. Due to genetics and the natural way we store fat, changing the shape and stature of the cheeks is extremely difficult. However, changing facial aesthetics may not be pleasing to many due to the long history of painful, invasive procedures that cause stress and extended recovery times. Thanks to the incredible advancements in facial contouring, Buccal Fat Removal has begun to be the #1 option for those living with “Chipmunk Cheeks.” While many clinics are starting to provide Buccal Fat Removal Therapy for their patients, Kovak Cosmetic Center goes one step further with Buccal Fat Sculpting. What’s the difference? Keep reading to find out more.

Buccal Fat Removals Rise in Popularity

This procedure has been around for years but has only recently started to pick up popularity among patients across the world. The treatment improves those with genetically dispositioned round, puffy cheeks that make a face look childlike while taking away from other aesthetically beautiful parts of the face and body. It is mainly sought out by patients who have become frustrated with their chubby cheeks, despite working tirelessly to maintain a healthy diet and their ideal weight.
Many patients, both women and men, strive to achieve a slimmer, more defined face but are constantly disappointed when other media provide a lack of results. Can you identify with this irritating issue? Then you need to consider consulting Dr. Buccal Fat himself at Many Faces of Chicago. Dr. Caughlin, a board-certified and published body and facial contouring expert, has revolutionized this procedure, becoming one of the most respected names in facial contouring.

What is Buccal Fat Removal?

First things first have a good understanding of the procedure before committing to it. Like many of those constantly suffering, no two patients are the same because they live with an appearance that they hate. Buccal fat removal is a personalized procedure that reduces fat in the midface and the cheeks. The therapy involves removing buccal fat pads from the cheeks. The procedure involves cuts inside the mouth to remove these unwanted fat pads, bringing definition to the jawline and cheeks.

Why You Shouldn’t Settle for Buccal Fat Removal and Instead Choose Buccal Fat Sculpting at Many Faces of Chicago

You may be thinking, Buccal Fat Removal vs. Buccal Fat Sculpting? Aren’t they the same thing? Well, no, they aren’t; they provide significantly different results. Many clinics that provide this procedure do it simply. They solely remove the buccal fat pads, suture the cuts back up, and send their patients out the door. While the removal does help contour the face, there is a lot more that can be done during the same therapy. As we mentioned above, Dr. Caughlin has revolutionized this treatment, going even further to enhance the various features of the face, known as Buccal Fat Sculpting.
buccal fat removal
This procedure and technique are unique to Many Faces of Chicago; there is no other office that delivers results like our clinic. Dr. Caughlin follows the following steps, ensuring that patients are left with a mesmerizing appearance that they fall in love with every single time they look in the mirror:

  1. First, like the other procedures, Dr. Caughlin carefully makes incisions within the cheek to avoid visible scarring. He then removes the buccal fat pads.
  2. He then tightens the buccinator mucosa and muscle, the tissue that you feel when you lightly bite down on the inside of the cheeks.
  3. He then carefully sutures the cuts that were made.

The tissue becomes redundant by taking that extra step and tightening the buccinator mucosa and muscles. This allows for the pre jaw to lift and snap into place. Other features, including the nose and jawline, become more defined, creating a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing look that cannot be achieved by solely removing the buccal fat pads.

Buccal Fat Sculpting Recovery Time

For decades, patients have only had the option between serious invasive treatments or those that don’t provide permanent results. As a result, they have been torn between finding the time and money to take time off of work and complete other responsibilities or undergoing constant remedies to keep their desired look. That no longer has to be the case!
The first day: This therapy is minimally invasive and requires little downtime with few restrictions, so patients will be able to return home the same day.
The first week: Like any procedure, patients feel a bit of soreness during the first week and are expected to follow a soft food diet. However, swelling is minimal, and most patients can return to work just a few days after their procedure.
Full recovery: The new and improved look achieved from Buccal Fat Sculpting will be visible between four to 6 weeks once the swelling has subsided. As a bonus, since the incisions are made through the cheeks, there is no visible scarring.

Are the Results of Buccal Fat Sculpting Permanent?

Simply put, yes, once the swelling has gone down and your results finally show, the outcome is a permanently glowing complexion. In addition, once the buccal fat pads have been removed, the chubby look that they cause will never come back. However, patients are advised to keep up with a healthy diet and exercise schedule to avoid any weight gain in the facial region. However, once buccal fat pads are taken out, they can never grow back. Therefore, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, so will your complexion.

Discover the Advantages of Facial Sculpting with Dr. Caughlin

Do you suffer every single day because you have chubby cheeks that make you look childlike and take attention away from the other beautiful and defined facial features? Then you need to schedule a consultation with Many Faces of Chicago and see for yourself the wonders Dr. Buccal Fat himself creates. Stop living with a complexion that you despise and achieve a look that you love. Schedule an appointment online or visit our clinic; get directions here.

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