Buccal Fat Cheek Sculpting Face Contouring


“Cheekago”: Balanced 4-Layered Cheek Sculpting 

This is a new face contouring combination procedure developed by Dr. Caughlin. This innovative treatment plan involves 4 stages:

  • Internal Cheek Mucosal Tightening 
  • Buccinator Muscle Narrowing 
  • Precisely Placed Calcium Hydroxyapatite

Dr. Caughlin will be publishing on his technique and results in the internationally peer reviewed journal: Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine. 

By specifically tightening and sculpting these 4 layers of a person’s face Dr. C is able to obtain outstanding results of distinction and class. He focuses on results, safety and enjoyment in the process. His goal is, has always been, and will always be to have happy patients. 

To determine if you are a candidate for balanced 4-layered cheek sculpting we start with a simple question and at home exam which can be done during a virtual consultation. 

Are You A Buccal Fat Candidate? Do you bite on the inside of your cheeks?

Open your mouth and take a photo. If there is a significant line of parakeratosis then you could possibly benefit from this procedure to create a more contoured and sculpted look. After this Dr. C will assess you to build a full facial analysis with a balance approach starting with the round lower 1/3rd of the face that many people have.  

Additional focus is placed on the upper cheek bones (zygomas), chin and angles of the jaw (mandible) as the balance of these bones and soft tissues is paramount to success = results, safety and enjoyment!

It is the combination of creating peaks and valleys within the face by volume redistribution and focal tissue tightening that allows for shadows and curves to create a contoured and sculpted look

Face Sculpting Plastic Surgeon Chicago

At this point in time, Dr. Caughlin is the only facial plastic surgeon in the US who is performing this exact procedure combination. He has recently started training other plastic surgeons on his techniques; as sharing knowledge is one of his passions.  However, it is a very detailed and complicated process and has to be learned from rigorous training and dedication.

Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to schedule a facial sculpting / face balancing consultation with Dr. Caughlin.





A few fun and inspirational quotes from Dr. C:

Dr. C, “The real way to innovate, grow and create a legacy is to teach others and then have them pass on what you both have learned.“ 

Dr. C, “There can never be enough smiles in the world. Especially today.”

Dr.C, “Making people smile, one patient at a time”

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  1. Hey, I was wondering if it would be better to get this procedure done before or after orthognathic surgery & thanks! Also, would getting this procedure help prevent me from biting down on my cheeks while eating?

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