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Round Face or Chubby Cheeks: Best Treatment options to Get a Slim Face

A defined jawline and pronounced cheekbones can be an attractive indication of beauty, fitness, youth, and vitality! This is what facial slimming procedures are all about. Dr. Caughlin at Many Faces of Chicago is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Chicago, IL, that transforms chubby cheeks and provides world-class rejuvenation. Body Sculpting is an incredible way to improve your appearance and raise your self-confidence.

Round Face or Chubby Cheeks – Best Treatment Options for a Slimmer Face & More-Defined Jawline

Unfortunately, some people are born with chubby cheeks and round faces, and there is absolutely nothing they can do about it. When vigorous exercise and intense diets don’t do the trick, you need an option that you can depend on to get the look that you desire. At Many Faces of Chicago, we pride ourselves in the incredible transformation work that we provide. So are you ready to discover body contouring options available to achieve a slimmer, more defined face?

Botox For Jaw Reduction & Jawline Contouring in Chicago

Botox For Jaw Reduction in Chicago

Botox is one of the most famous and popular products out there to improve the way that your face looks. It effectively diminishes lines and wrinkles on the face while also being able to slim the face at the same time. Botox temporarily relaxes facial muscles that are overactive. While targeting the masseter muscle in the face, Botox can achieve a slimmer look.

The powerful masseter muscle is wrapped around the jaw bone and assists the jaw in opening and closing while you eat and speak. If this muscle enlarges, the shape of the face changes with it. In women, this usually allows for a squared jaw, often resembling that of a man’s complex. Botox relaxes this muscle and allows it to return to a normal shape. Botox is not permanent and needs to be reapplied over time. Your expert surgeon will carefully inject the filler and advise you on the best time to get back so that you can continue to have a beautiful, natural, defined jawline.

Chicago Buccal Fat Removal To Eliminate Chubby Cheeks

Chicago Buccal Fat Removal Treatments To Eliminate Chubby Cheeks

Whether it is due to weight gain or simply genetics, round and chubby cheeks take away from the natural beauty that lies underneath. Buccal fat pads lie deep within your cheeks and are the culprits of diminishing your appearance. Though as you age, fat within the cheeks tends to go away, buccal fat pads remain the same size and unfortunately do not respond to diets or exercise.

Dr. Caughlin, also known as Dr. Buccal Fat, has become known for buccal fat pad contouring, facial sculpting and defining the jawline. Well-equipped with all of the tools and expertise to perform this surgical procedure, designed to reduce the fullness in the lower cheeks by completely removing the buccal fat pads. During this procedure, the pads are removed by making small incisions inside the mouth between the cheeks and the gums. Once these pads are removed, we carefully close the incisions.

Buccal fat surgery is gaining popularity, becoming one of the top plastic surgery options for facial sculpting in Chicago. Come in and meet with Dr. Caughlin to discuss your goals, and he will explain the entire procedure. Get ready for a more sculpted, youthful, and symmetrical facial appearance. Uncover more details about buccal fat removal, contact Many Faces of Chicago today.

Defined Jawline Features Using Fillers in Chicago

Defined Jawline Using Fillers in Chicago

When you notice that your once youthful and defined jawline is slowly going away, it can be a stressful situation. As we age, it is only natural to lose volume in the face. This results in folds and creases becoming more prominent and a diminished appearance, severely affecting your self-confidence. You may be a bit nervous about using fillers to get a slimmer, more attractive face, but if you desire to look younger, healthier, and have a rejuvenated face, you need to add volume to your jawline. By injecting fillers directly into the jawline, it is instantly enhanced with an absolutely amazing result. Get ready to have a younger, healthier, and firmer appearance.

Chicago Chin Implants for Facial Balance

Small and weak chins can also play a huge role in a rounded, chubby appearance. By correcting these issues, not only are your cheeks enhanced, but other facial features like the nose are improved for a more aesthetic balance. Usually, chin implants involve making a small incision along the crease below the chin. The implant is then inserted right around the existing jawline. When you are interested in the possibility of chin implants, talk with one of our experts to understand the entire procedure and how it will help improve your life! You are in the best surgical hands in Chicago for aesthetic improvements.

Is Round Face And Chubby Cheek Reduction Right for You?

Feeling confident and satisfied with your facial features is absolutely essential for your self-confidence. Having large cheek structures will lead to feeling bad about yourself, and with the many stresses of everyday life, the last thing you need is to be feeling horrible at the way you look. A defined facial structure is desirable for both men and women, and when you want to make a change now, cheek reduction surgery is the go-to option. By removing fat or adding fillers to your cheeks, your life will take a 360 degree leading to more self-confidence and falling in love with the way that you look. Undergoing a cheek reduction is desired by many people across the world, and it is suitable for anyone who dreams of having a more symmetrical look with defined jawlines and enhanced features. During your consultation with Dr. Caughlin, he will give you different options to choose from so that you can get the look that you desire while fitting in with your life and activities.

 Treatment Options in Chicago for a Slimmer Face – Commonly Asked Questions

 Treatment Options in Chicago for Slimmer Face & Jawline Contouring - Commonly Asked Questions 

Is cheek reduction treatment permanent?

It all depends on the treatment that you choose and what you do following the treatment. Fillers are not a permanent option and require to be reapplied. Many surgical treatments are permanent with proper diet and exercise following your procedure.

Who is a candidate for treatments?

Both men and women who are unsatisfied with the way that their face looks are candidates for these life-altering treatments. When you are unhappy, all you need to do is contact Many Faces of Chicago, learn about the many different treatments that we have, and choose the one that is the most suitable for you.

What is recovery like?

This is also dependent on the treatment that you choose. Dr. Caughlin is one of the greatest plastic surgeons in Chicago and will provide you with a complete guide to ensure that you are completely comfortable following the treatment. Fillers used to achieve a slimmer face are the best option for those who want to avoid surgery and painful recovery.

Consult With the Best Facial Plastic Surgeon In Chicago

Dr. Caughlin is a top-rated plastic surgery expert in Chicago who will help you achieve a natural-looking, defined, and slimmer face. When you want to say goodbye to feeling bad about the way you look, then you need to contact Many Faces of Chicago to start your journey to a younger, happier self.



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