Dr. Benjamin Caughlin, MD, FACS

  • Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon
  • Expert in Facial Sculpting, buccal fat pad contouring and jawline definition

Dr. Benjamin Caughlin has become world renowned in the buccal fat pad and jawline sculpting arena with recent publications in international medical journals displaying his new techniques. One journal, Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, specifically requested a detailed video of Dr. Caughlin’s approach and this is published as a “surgical pearl” for doctors all over the globe to view and learn from. See the link below.


He has pioneered internal cheek sculpting and is the only surgeon in the world who is precisely removing mucosa as well as buccinator muscle stripping to help patients achieve the sculpted look they are after. Dr. Caughlin has studied volume redistribution and published multiple medical Journals using 3D imaging techniques to assess these outcomes.

As Dr. Caughlin describes it:

“At this point in my career I have seen the good and bad aspects of plastic surgery. For me it is all about having happy patients. I focused solely on facial plastic surgery because I feel strongly about sub-specialization in medicine to maximize patient results, safety and enjoyment in the process. My aesthetic end points have evolved so that I appreciate what patients want and do my absolute best to get them to a smooth and contoured face and jawline. I have become particularly confident and interested in making sure patients are comfortable before, during and after treatments. The entire process should be enjoyable and the best part of this profession is the relationships we are able to create with patients and colleagues.”

Dr. Caughlin’s professional responsibilities are diverse.

In addition to his cosmetic work as the hands behind “Many Faces of Chicago” @ SDMD he has devoted his time and energy to helping those that would otherwise not get exposure to a cosmetic facial plastic surgeon. He is the director of facial plastic surgery, facial trauma and scar management at Stroger Cook County for the Head and Neck Surgery Department. At Cook he is intensely involved in the training of the head and neck surgery residents for both Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the University of Illinois Medical Center. He has recently started a scar management program with the Department of Dermatology at Cook County to help treat post traumatic scars and scars from reconstructive cancer surgeries.

As clinical instructor at the University of Illinois Department of Head and Neck Surgery, he continues to research, learn and present new techniques at national and international plastic surgery meetings (link to CV).

At the Jessie Brown VA he is one of the pioneers for transgender care where he has performed the facial portions of the gender confirming surgery for our veterans.

Dr. Caughlin’s philosophy is to embrace and enhance the individual inherent beauty that each person has by using specifically learned and proven techniques to camouflage or correct any imperfections.

His approach is to build a plan for facial sculpting through detailed discussion and facial analysis tailored to each patient. All this is done with the goal of achieving a non-operated, youthful and refreshed look accomplished with the least invasive procedure possible.

buccal fat pad removal for lower facial contouring
Buccal Fat Pad Sculpting For Lower Facial Contouring
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